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Over worked and burnt out, James Taylor and Alba Regio set off on their own journey to redefine the watch industry. An industry heavily rooted with traditionalist methods of up-selling mass produced products to an over priced market.

Spending two years in development, the two founders culminated in forming a passion driven team to go against the wave, to defy the traditionalist methods of corporate gain, to deliver premium graded timepieces without the sacrifice of cost.

Launching in 2017 with a direct goal in mind, NV Watches became the tale of a life long dream come true.

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A passion driven team of artists, ample to prove the world wrong. We let the products we create shape the perspective of our surroundings, for they do not only represent us, but the message we express.

This talented group at NV, shares that enthusiasm and love for the craft, learning from the mistakes that we make and building on the foundations of our own curiosities.



NV Watches has set out to change the way watches are sold, radically cutting costs while sustaining premium designs. 

The market is run by the big corporate companies that decide how expensive your next purchase will be, and it's time we change that. 

Delivering beautiful designs, we guarantee that you'll want to buy another. So join us. Be a part of the revolution.

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30-Day Money Back Return

Not impressed? We're confident enough to offer up a 30-Day money back guaranteed, free of charge.

Post and Pre Sale Support

Your purchase is important to us, our support team are always at the ready to make proceedings as smooth as possible, email the team at support@nvwatches.com for any enquiries.

We Want Your Opinion

We value your opinion, leave a review of our products after purchase to help the company grow. 

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